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Don't even take this opportunity for granted. Some of my clients are even pressuring me to take this offline.

Even the book keepers themselves are WARNING me to remove this soon. by the man that has helped people conquer in online soccer betting worldwide at high profit returning rates.

Here's a live video recording of me betting live with my SBO (I use sbo, ibc, winningft) account, and with the knowledge of reading the odds movement coupled with a pre-game analysis method, I was able to predict an incoming goal effortlessly.

If such transparency in demonstration does not convince you of my credibility and capabilities, please read on.


Dear Friend,

I'll keep this short, since I know your time is valuable.

They say you can only lose in gambling.

I agree.

But not entirely.

Why? Well, the hard truth is, you cannot win in soccer betting, or in anything in life in general, IF you don't know what you're doing.

Now, I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a good reason.

You were meant to be here today.

In fact, you ARE very fortunate to have found or stumbled upon this page. It wasn't a mere coincidence or chance.

You must be somewhat interested or eager to know how to crack the online soccer betting system. You're amongst those who have figured out that it's not merely a matter of being dependent on luck or advanced sports knowledge.

To win in online soccer betting, you have to know how to not only read the odds movement, but to also know how to play methodically. There is also a set of vital principles you must stick to if you want to cash in from the bookie consistently.

Well, let me inform you with the utmost assurance again, winning in online sports betting? it can be done.

When youíre dealing with soccer betting, you are bombarded with a list of options to bet on. Team handicaps, corner kicks, parlays etc.

I show you EXACTLY what you should ONLY focus on so you donít waste your time playing with incorrect tactics, and continue shelling out your hard earned savings to the bookies.

Iíve filtered out every possibility to making money through soccer betting. I've literally cracked the online soccer betting system.

The only methods that will yield you an 80% chance of winning for every bet that that you place.


My highly guarded, time-tested, proven successful soccer betting tips on how to beat the odds, or if you want to put it this way, tip the odds radically in your favor.

5 fail-proof, time-tested betting strategies that guarantees you above 80% chance of winning that match. You will love each and everyone of them, and that's really all you need to win.

Master the coveted art of ďreading the odds movement.Ē Only when you acquire this life changing skill, will you be able to crush the system with confidence and consistency.

You'll see which type of "odds display" hints at a shower of goals in the game.

Learn how to quickly SPOT and filter out which game are "winners", and which are "suckers" in a matter of 2-3 minutes.

Discover self-disciplinary measures you MUST follow and master if you want to survive and swim in the blue ocean of profits. This is very, very crucial.

  The 9 fundamental laws to winning in soccer betting, which if you try circumvent or outsmart, will only do you no justice.

Every piece of information in my exclusive handbook is revealed to you in step-by-step, easy-to-follow, and watch over-your-shoulder manner. You also get live support directly to my e-mail.

Finally decode the seemingly indecipherable and elusive laws to winning in sports betting.

It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or have years of betting experience. I have custom-tailored my handbook for all demographics.

There will be no technical lingos to confuse you. You will see exactly what my routine is, how I play, how I do my pre-game analysis, how I stake my bets strategically. You get everything I do.

Honestly, you're getting up-and-close instructional insights (which is worth the value of over $5000 USD!)

Yes, that may seem like a bold statement, but that's exactly the real value any one with brains would appraise it at, minimum.


If you happen to have followed me on AsianBookie forums, you know I have earned the attention and respect of  thousands of members registered on there.

And you should know my style of play is to bet on (O/U) odds, simply because I can determine whether there will be a goal or not.

Believe me, the knowledge you're about to acquire is immeasurable.

Yes, you need to learn how to read the odd movement in order to determine the outcome of your matches. When you can predict with sniperís precision the outcome, only then, can you increase your chances of winning.

Here are real-live screen shots I took to provide proof that I can determine whether a goal is coming or notÖ

(shot taken right before I foresaw a goal)

(shot taken right after the goal)

Inside my handbook, I explain it VERY clearly how you can read the odd movements, and what odd displays are great indicators that there will be goals in the game.

This book is packed with live screen shots and case studies that will help you understand the system with ease. There is a flowing wealth of intellectual capital you can acquire here, which anyone in their right minds will kill for.

If you've been losing more money than you've earned on your soccer betting, this is the only time to abandon your old habits, methods, and customs. It's time to renovate and invigorate your soccer betting competence. It's time for a radical transformation.

You can see for yourself my 100 game run which I challenged myself to. My record was 86 wins, 23 losses, 1 Draw.

That's a 4:1 win ratio, and you will be able to maintain this kind of track record yourself. The average form you want to maintain is 3:1, and when coupled with the right betting methods, your account can only be flooding with profits.

Below is proof of my postings.

Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge the photos of my 100 game run track posts.

As for views, I receive an average of over 5000+ thread visits on Asia's most popular soccer betting forum (Asianbookie), where I share my soccer betting tips frequently.

Here's one that had over 9000+ views. I'm displaying this not for bragging rights, but to reinforce that people do follow my soccer betting advice. I thought that'd serve as additional source of credibility for you to use as reference. In the end of the day, you are the judge.

One of the main reasons why I decided to release this handbook is so I can empower you with the knowledge to bet with the highest confidence & accuracy.

Heard of this before?

"Give a person a fish, you have fed them for today. Teach a person to fish, you feed them for a lifetime."

Below are a few personal bets made live, just to help reinforce the fact that my system does work, and that I am not coming up with fairytale tactics.


As you can see, I've predicted with precision that these games had goals coming soon.

On the left is a screen shot captured of my pending list of bets.

(Final results for all the pending bets)

Below is more proof of winnings for the Spanish game Athletic Bilbao vs Sevilla

That should be ample evidence that my system does work.



Before you place another online bet on soccer matches... you are only fighting an uphill battle if you...

      Miss out any of the principles in this handbook, you are setting yourself up for failure.

      Do not follow any other so-called soccer betting systems out there. I've carefully studied whatever crap floating in the market, and there's just too much fraud going on.

      Online soccer betting is a science. If you want to join the pro-leagues of sports bettors, you need to know what you're doing, and to follow a system with a track record of working.

      I'm giving you that intuitive knowledge and insight to play with confidence. It's almost like getting a new pair of eyes to see where the money's at.

(Reminder: Only 250 Copies will be available. As soon as 250 copies are sold, I'm removing my handbook.)

Well, if you've been losing large sums, I want to help you recover your losses.

I want to help empower you with the essential understandings of how to beat the online soccer betting system.

Having burnt a great chunk of savings, and taking a big hit financially before, I know what it feels like when you want to fight back and recoup your hard earned money, in probably the fastest and securest way.

You cannot redo your past, but you have all the power and liberty to control and dictate your future.

For some of you, consider this as your potential stream of side-income.

Let me tell you this. Iíve literally scoured the web for trustworthy, legitimate and near fail-proof methods to win.

Most sites would only provide tips if you paid for their service, where their predictions averaged only 50% correct, at best.

That surely wouldn't be worth the money in my opinion. A 50-50 percent win is a gamble, and we're not here to take any risks on that degree. We're here to win.

Whether you need my handbook or not, it's really your choice.

You make your decision, you make the call.

If you're already winning consistently and you're satisfied with your current performance on soccer betting, I am more than happy for you.

I wish you only the best.


You read that right. If you've been losing consecutively, or have undergone an up-and-down relationship financially with online sports betting, then you're wasting your time.

With all blunt honesty, online sports betting is only worth it, IF you can win money on a weekly basis.

Why waste your energy, precious time, and money in exchange for nothing.

It's time to STOP wiring your bookie money, and make him WIRE to you.

This is what you deserve.

The price of this book is incredibly under-priced. You can win the cost of this purchase back in less than one day. Actually, youíll cover it in one game, and profit largely (depending on how much you usually stake) on top of that.

This is probably going to be the wisest investment you've made for yourself in the sports betting world.

Not knowing how to bet professional and methodically is like flying blind. And, unless you're ridiculously lucky, then you will find it a challenge to win weekly like most people do.

This book may just be banned soon.

If everyone knew what I know, and have obtained my strategies in this handbook, thereíd be no money for us to cash in, since the HOUSE and all bookies will be losing.

Therefore, I will be forced to severely limit the number of copies I can sell: 250 copies and that's final.

This is probably the most indispensable soccer betting system you'll find within the public's reach, or anywhere on the net.

For an insane launching discount price of $97.00, you get direct access to my handbook instantly after the check out page. There's no need to wait for any postal deliveries. Discover my secrets today.

I may even increase the price to $189.00 very soon. The only reason why Iím setting the price so low at the moment is so I can get some testimonials for my page. Then, I will definitely have to bump the price back up.

No theories, no nonsense, no b.s guys. Again, I am not here to waste your time.

If the soccer betting system in my handbook does not live up to your expectation, I won't take your money. You will be refunded back in full, all hassles-free. You have nothing to lose, but a mass of fortune to gain.


Order via ClickBank's secure payment servers.


You're about to exponentially boost your understanding on the online soccer betting system.

I'm very sure your bookie will soon stampede and break down my door and threaten me to remove this handbook.

Remember guys, the key to success in any fields of investment requires for a remarkable level of knowledge.

The question is, are you ready for a paradigm shift in perspective?

Are you ready to reenter the world of online soccer betting like a certified professional?

I wouldn't even think twice about this, if you're serious about online sports betting.

Click here to now download your personal copy of my handbook and crack the system tonight.

Here's a toast to both our futures and prosperity.

Creator of 80 Percent's Handbook

P.S I'm not playing around. This is an extremely limited time offer and this page is subjected to removal at anytime without prior notice.

You will only get what you've been told, and yes, I'm being very generous pricing this handbook at such a steal. Plus, there's a 60 days money back guarantee.

P.P.S I'm only here to help those that take their online soccer betting pursuits / career seriously. If you only bet for fun, this book is not for you.

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