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STREAKS Soccer Betting Bootcamp is Officially Here

It's finally here. The 80Percenter Handbook's Sequel "STREAKS", your Swiss Knife guide to earning serious money when it comes to live soccer betting.

Tap into a pool of golden principles, untold industry secrets, proven betting strategies, and investment hacks.

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Experience 80%+ Hit Rate, Within 7 Days

Say Goodbye to the days of 'Up and Down' statements. No more days of losing precious sleep as you are 'catching up' on losses. You deserve much better.

Upgrade Your Performance

If you are not maintaining above a 3:1 Win/Loss ratio, you are wasting your time.

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Know exactly what market signals, data and statistics you should only pay attention to, so you know exactly which games to bet on.

Read & Understand Odds

Still confused every time you see the changing numbers? Learn to read odds and it's movement in the next 7 days.

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10+ Years of insights gathered, compressed, and revealed-in-full, so you too, can gain the upper hand in soccer betting.

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This is the margin error rate. 15%. This handbook's sole purpose is to help you maintain above an 80% hit-rate.

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Once you're confident with your picks, you can gradually 10X your bets, to 10X your returns.

Train your brain and eye, to notice exactly which games to 'invest' in.

Wave goodbye to old roller coaster result days. Enjoy the waves of victory ahead.
Bet on Teams Worldwide

Train yourself to bet on games around the world.

Play like the Pros

Reprogram your mindset (Very important!), follow the proven-strategies, learn to read odds, and more.

Visual Support

Visual case studies, so you can simply 'watch', learn and match your behavior with to win. It's almost a copy-and-paste program.

Compatible with All International Bookmakers